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Jiangxi Kemei Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of reputation first, integrity first, and makes the following service commitments:

1. All kinds of consumables provided by the company are products that have been approved and certified by the Jiangxi Food and Drug Administration, and are brand-new, with quality specifications and technical requirements that meet the relevant national standards and specifications.

2. Delivery response time: After receiving the delivery notice, the goods purchased by the buyer will be sent out within one day.

3. For the goods supplied by our company, determine the quality and quantity, deliver them regularly, and provide detailed product-related information as required by your organization.

4. Check and accept in accordance with relevant regulations. The hospital has the right to refuse to accept the goods provided that the goods are missing, damaged, or unqualified. Our company will replace or return the goods after receiving the notice.

5. If quality problems or adverse events are found during the use of the product, our company will respond quickly in the shortest possible time, and the response time shall not exceed 4 hours. If it is necessary to send personnel to solve the problem on the spot, it shall not exceed 48 hours.

6. After-sales service contact phone number for the products sold by the company: 0791-85352311 Address: Next to 316 National Road, Xinju, Changshan Township, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province